If I am hired through ALTERAMBITIONS, who is my employer?

In the majority of cases, ALTERAMBITIONS acts as an intermediary between you and your employer, for example, in the case of a temporary contract, or generally until the end of the probationary period, whatever the contract. However, if you're a member of the league, you're entitled to benefits for as long as you remain a member.

Is it free to be a member?

Yes, in the vast majority of cases. If in the future there is a financial contribution, you will be able to find out why and in any case it will be to your advantage.

Although ALTERAMBITIONS is not a simple placement agency, in your recruitment functions, is it true that the agencies take part of our salary?

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No, if you are hired by ALTERAMBITIONS, you will be paid the same as an employee who applies directly on the company's website, so your salary will remain the same.

The only difference is in the employer and the agency. We provide a service to the company, so they pay, just like the bakery pays its bakers.

If candidates can apply themselves to the employer of their choice, what is the advantage of doing business with ALTERAMBITIONS?

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We have access to relationships with many companies and communicate directly with the right people to actually hire. You are no longer alone in the search, so you increase your chances of getting the job you want even before the company posts it on its site. Of course, there is much more to bespoke, just like a car dealership which offers us a range of vehicle choices rather than a single brand.

If a candidate hired by ALTERAMBITIONS leaves the company, what should be done?

There are always guarantees in our permanent contracts. In sum, ALTERAMBITIONS undertakes to honor its warranty within a reasonable time.

What is the difference between a permanent and temporary contract?

The permanent contract binds the candidate directly to the company. So it is the company that remunerates the employee and not ALTERAMBITIONS.

The temporary contract is unique in specific contexts, most often in an industrial environment. The employee is under the banner of ALTERAMBITIONS and deals with the payroll of the candidates.

Can we go from temporary to permanent?

Absolutely, the company can buy out your contract and you will officially be their employee. In general, it is after the trial period.

Can I contribute to the influence in people's lives and work at ALTERAMBITIONS?

YES, we hire and solicit the active participation of our volunteer members for certain projects whose travel tickets, accommodation and food are included. For this, register in the league now.