As an employer, what aspirations do you have?


Recruit talent beyond Canadian borders

ALTERAMBITIONS is dedicated to meeting your international recruitment requirements with meticulousness and harmony, by creating exemplary alliances while remaining strictly in accordance with provincial and federal legislative precepts. Through our eminent partners, we have a pool of French-speaking and qualified workers, whom we take great care to meet in person throughout the selection process. In addition, our 360 support initiative ensures that you have access to all the advantages and privileges inherent in well-being during their migration journey.

Engage candidates within Canada

Our secure computer systems, our elaborate databases as well as our rigorously referenced research will be at your disposal to establish substantial links with our candidates, within reasonable deadlines in accordance with the context. We operate in areas such as industry, finance, administration, human resources, sales, as well as management and supervisory positions.

Obtain support in the inherent complexity of personnel management

In this new era where the constant questioning of the effectiveness and efficiency of our organizational practices is of crucial importance, personnel management is proving increasingly complex, despite your years of practice and your good faith. In short, it is a privilege for our passionate consultants to accompany you, benefiting from the trust that you deign to grant them.