Although ALTERAMBITIONS is much more than a simple placement agency, it is normal to question the stereotypes rooted in people's thoughts.

"The majority of placement agencies only find short-term jobs for unattractive companies."

Answer: Placement agencies offer a diverse array of professional opportunities, including permanent and rewarding positions within various companies. Companies do business with agencies for several reasons such as access to qualified personnel to meet the requirements, the authenticity of the service, the flexibility and above all, the optimization of time because recruiting takes time.

According to a report by the SHRM, filling a vacant position costs employers $4,129 and requires a delay of 42 days. Of course, the more time passes, the more this cost increases so rather than losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, companies have understood that investing with ALTERAMBITIONS is wise and profitable.

"Employment agencies are only useful for low-skilled jobs."

Answer: There is no sub-business. You must be specific in describing your short and long term needs. Many entrepreneurs or students can opt for a job as a parcel sorter for the next 2 years, while they find a balance. However, low-valued jobs are also those that allow you to improve and strengthen your discipline, your concentration, your stress management, your motor and discrete skills, and above all, your courage. Not opting for these professions does not make you a fragile incompetent who has no courage and who prefers his comfort zone flavored with government sponsorship.

Highlight your qualifications during interviews to show your potential for positions that match your ambitions.

"Employment agencies take a significant portion of my salary."

Answer: ALTERAMBITIONS does business with the company that hires you. If the salary offered by the company we do business with is $25/h, you will always be paid $25/h, whether you go through us or apply yourself on the company's website.

The advantage is that if things are not going well with the company, you mention it to your recruiter who can transfer you elsewhere quickly and he will communicate directly with the employer without you having to worry about certain situations that can be stressful. In addition, by doing business with ALTERAMBITIONS you benefit from certain advantages of our programs as soon as you are hired, then in 3 months with the company, if you pass your trial period. It is always better to multiply the advantages when it is accessible.

What leads people to believe that agencies take a significant portion of their salary is that when negotiating contracts between agencies and companies, if your salary is $50,000/year, a certain % is dedicated to the salary to create the invoice.

For example, $50,000 x 10% = $5000. In other words, if the company hires you through an agency, in one year, you will have cost $55,000 rather than $50,000, but don't worry because when a company uses the services of agencies, it's is good because the money lost over time is much greater than the amount spent on the investment. In addition, ALTERAMBITIONS offers guarantees to companies in all cases.

"Employment agencies don't really care about my needs."

Answer: Ask detailed questions about the agency's placement process. Choose an agency that demonstrates a real commitment to its candidates and values open communication. ALTERAMBITIONS does not aim to "fill positions" at the end of the field to maximize its profit. You will see for yourself that we work without pressure but with passion in all the diversity of our services.

"Employment agencies are only for people who have been out of work for a long time."

Answer: Some agencies specialize in placing people in career transition or looking for opportunities. Highlight your transferable skills and your motivation to find a new challenge.

Employment agencies are ineffective in finding a job.

Answer: Employment agencies are in direct contact with the real people dedicated to the selection of personnel. In addition, they are informed of all internal offers not published on the web.

Remember that whoever tries nothing has nothing so be open to always exploring.